Company Profile

DMC has achieved a high share in FA market. With a wide variety of standard products from 3.8 to 55 in., we offer customized DMC products and respond to requests to attach our touch screens to LCD provided by customers. For more than 20 years, DMC has supplied high-quality touch screens to the world from our factories in Japan and Indonesia.

Having 40% of our total production being exported to major countries in Europe, Asia and North America, shows that DMC touch screens have gained trust from customers around the world.

Company Name DMC Co.,. Ltd. (Corporate Number: 2010401018324)
Date of Establishment 1973. 2. 20
Representative Tatsuya Sada, President
Capital 75.6 million JPY
Annual Sales 3,437 million JPY(2020)
Business Description Design, manufacture, and sale of touch screens and related products
Employees 141 (As of December 31, 2020)
Sales Offices Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Italy
Factories Fukushima (Japan), Indonesia
Main Banks MUFG Bank, Ltd., Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Exports U.S.A., U.K, Austria, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Denmark, and more (More than 20 countries)

Shirakawa Plant 3

Shirakawa Plant 3

History of the Company

1973 Company founded with capital 8 million JPY as a manufacturer and seller of artwork tapes for PCB.
1975 Capital increased to 12 million JPY.
1977 Capital increased to 24 million JPY.
1979 Osaka branch office established.
1985 Head Office and factory integrated and moved to Kamisakunobe, Takatsu-ku in Kawasaki.
1987 Fukushima Factory established in Fukushima (currently closed). Capital increased to 48 million JPY.
1989 Main manufacturing line moved to Fukushima Factory.
1991 Integrated touch screen manufacturing line established at Fukushima Factory.
1996 PT. DMC TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA established in Indonesia.
1999 Capital increased to 75.6 million JPY
Shirakawa Factory established in Natsunashi, Shirakawa City, Fukushima.
2001 ISO9001 certification acquired for designing and manufacturing touch screens (JQA-QM7324).
2002 Yokohama Branch Office established (currently integrated into Tokyo Branch Office).
Head Office moved to Futaba-gun in Fukushima (currently in Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo).
Osaka Branch Office moved to Suminoe-ku in Osaka (currently in Chuo-ku, Osaka).
Tokyo Office moved to Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (currently in Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo).
2004 Osaka Branch Office moved to Izumi City in Osaka (currently in Chuo-ku, Osaka).
2005 ISO14001 certification acquired by Fukushima and Shirakawa Factories (JQA-EM4989).
2006 Yokohama Branch Office integrated into Tokyo Branch Office.
Nagoya Branch Office established in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya (currently in Naka-ku Nishiki, Nagoya).
2008 Osaka Branch Office moved to Chuo-ku in Osaka.
2011 Izumi Office established in Izumi City, Osaka.
2012 Tokyo Branch Office moved to Minato-ku Takanawa.
2012 Nagoya Branch Office moved to Naka-ku Nishiki.
2013 Head Office integrated into Tokyo Branch Office.
2014 Osaka Branch Office moved to Hirano-machi in Chuo-ku.
2015 Shirakawa Factory II established.
2017 Izumi Office moved to Naniwa-ku in Osaka and renamed Osaka Technology Center.
2019 Nagoya Branch Office moved to Nishi-ku Meieki
Italy Office established in Milan, Italy
Expand the Shirakawa Second Factory and integrate old Shirakawa Factory.
2021 Established a subsidiary, "DMC Iwaki Co., Ltd.”
Took over the touch screen manufacturing department from NKK SWITCHES CO., LTD.
and opened the "Iwaki Factory" in Iwaki city.