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Effect of the Flooding in Jakarta Area on Our Indonesia Factory (DTI)

UPDATE :Apr.26.2021

Regarding the flood damage on our Indonesia factory (DTI) we reported on Feb 22, we update the current recovery status as follows.

Recovery Status
April 26 Production facility has been restored
Although there is the global shortage of electronic parts currently,
we have recovered to a state where we can increase production volume depending on the arrival status of parts.
March 15 Cleaning has been finished.
Production facilities are under repair and trial run.
The factory is planning to resume the operations from March 17.
March 5 Started shipping stocks.
Cleaning has been finished 90%.
Production facilities are under repair and trial run.
February 20 Started checking on the damage.

(The following is the first report on February 22)

Our Indonesia factory, DMC Teknologi Indonesia (DTI) is damaged by the flooding caused by heavy rain overnight on Feb 19 in Jakarta and its surrounding areas.

Currently, DTI is suspending its operation and checking the extent of the damage.

We suppose that serious water damage could have been done and delivery delays may occur for the products manufactured in DTI.

Currently, we are trying to grasp the situation. We will announce our future actions on this matter as soon as we know the details.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding.