Touchscreen Protection Film
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    Protects the Touchscreen from Scratches and Dirt
    Resistive Type

    This is a highly transparent protective film that protects the resistive touchscreen surface from scratches, dirt, and tampering. It can be replaced periodically to keep it clean and presentable.

Protective sheet for the resistive film to protect the touch screen from scratches and dirt

Due to their stability, resistive touchscreens are often used in industrial equipment applications for a long period of time, and because of their characteristic of not allowing input from any input device (they can be operated by anyone other than the fingers), they are sometimes operated with tools. In such an environment, if you want to prevent the appearance of the touchscreen from deteriorating due to scratches and stains on the surface of the touchscreen, a protective film for the touchscreen is recommended.

Benefits of protective film

  • Transparent and contributes to improved design and aesthetics

    Self-adhesive protective film, so it can be replaced more easily by the customer themselves. Because it is cut to a size that fits the active area of the touch screen, it looks great when applied together. It's very hygienic and can be used again and again, and can be peeled off repeatedly.

Product Number Size Compatibility Dimensions
ST-9231E1 5.7 inch AST-057A070A Interchange 117.2×88.4 mm
ST-9231E2 10.4inch AST-104A080A Interchange 212.0×159.0 mm
ST-9231E3 12.1inch AST-121B080A Interchange 247.0×185.5 mm
ST-9231E4 15inch AST-150C080A Interchange 305.0×229.0 mm
* Other sais will be customized. Please contact us for more information.

Use of Examples

Handheld device, unbreakable when dropped
  • Category Cases
    Products used 4-Wire Resistive Type (6.5inch)
    Tempered glass
    Touchscreen Protective Film
    Recruitment Industry Industrial Equipment
    Uses Teaching Pendant
    Scene Robustness/ Stain-resistant and antibacterial

A handy operation panel used in a factory to set (teach) the operation to an equipment robot. The user carries it by hand while using it. Workers in the factory could operate it with their hands covered with oil or other substances.

Adopt Content

Since the operation panel is used in a factory, the resistive type is the best choice because of its high reliability and high market share in industrial applications. However, since it is a handy terminal and may be dropped, it is necessary to devise a way to make the resistive film system resistant to cracking. The resistive system, which does not use glass but only consists of film and polycarbonate, is the best solution for light and resistant to cracking, but it is not suitable for environments with temperature differences and has the weakness of poor appearance. The end result is a resistive touchscreen with a normal film/glass structure and tempered glass in the bottom glass. There was also a concern that the screen would be obscured by oil on the hands of factory workers, so the protective film for the touch screen was periodically replaced.